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    MacWorld 2008

    Навеяно MacWorld 2008, а именно частью про iTunes и Apple TV...
    MacWorld 2008


    MacWorld — глазами обычных потребителей

    Итак, предлагаю немного смешных моментов из обсуждения всего этого в прямом времени вчера на канале #macrumorsechat IRC сервера от сайта MacRumors.com.
    Общение было очень активным, до 7 сообщений в секунду. Многие таки не выдержали до конца. Цена на мак аир взлетала до 9000 тысяч и падала до 49.99 :)
    Впринципе весело пообщались:

    Zzzzzzz.... Somebody wake me when Steve passes Air...
    16 core mini!
    2 core ipod nano
    HD rentals 5 dollars ? What are they renting ? Porn? No, wait, porn is cheaper than that at the marriot
    quadcore ipod shuffle
    64 core table with 3 week battery life or i jump out the window
    Apple is going to start selling Bottle of AIR to apple fanboys
    couldn't it be the "movies" in the "air"
    MacOS X for the PC jajaja
    I have 16MBIT and I'll personally probe a goat if I get 1% a second...
    will this work on dial -up?
    i can buy 5 movies before mac world 2010
    its like calling a press conference to announce a point update to microsoft word
    what the fuck is in the air steve ?
    IF apple TV was the MAIN thing this year then Apple's going down
    i'm selling my apple stock to buy a HD movie rental :)
    dont ya guys have better stuff to do than just chat about shit?
    I bought my fugging appletv and havnt used it yet as they never did movie downloads in the UK yet.
    Now Apple Tv with windows vista
    free update, you need the $49 dvd rom to install it
    Steve go home
    yeah Id buy the stock now and then sell after this keynote
    Apple stock is currently tanking: Buy now, hope good announcement happens.
    who cares about how thin it is? I care about how much square it takes
    720HD Camrea. Home Made pron baby!
    1.8" HDD is slowwwwwww
    I can move a window with my mouse
    The whole motherboard is not much bigger than an pencil
    fuck off, I wouldn't pay big bucks for that
    I don't notice how thin my laptop is when I am working
    he wants us to bellieve that intel really spent the R&D to shrink the proc 60% JUST for apple?? :)
    Imagine sitting on it
    STOCK PRICE going down. over 2.5million shares sold since open
    how do you upgrade the OS w/out a drive on mac?
    no ethernet = no sale
    I'm collecting DVI connectors.
    the new OLPC is macbook air!
    if it costs less than the apple tv i'm in

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